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As the title suggests, this is the ultimate tour that takes you around the older sections of Manama, allowing you to get a taste of the varying cultures and landscapes deep in the heart of the capital. See first-hand just how the traditional arts and crafts of Bahrain are created and sold.

(Morning only – except Friday & Saturday)-Duration: 04 hours
Bait Al Quran

Housing one of the world’s most treasured possessions. The Museum here has ten exhibition halls that offer a glimpse of rare books, manuscripts and other religious motifs. There are also manuscripts from non- Islamic countries including China and Spain, apart from those of Islamic nations. Calligraphy, which forms a vital part of Islamic culture, is also represented here through works of master calligraphers.

Craft Center

Supervising no fewer than 13 different handicrafts, this Craft Centre is a key hub where both traditional and newer artisans are flourishing. Nearly 80 people are involved in projects which are as diverse as crafting jewellery, iron and wood products to producing dolls, preserved flowers, embroidered and crocheted goods as well as highly artistic Arabic calligraphy.

Khalaf House (Memory of Manama)

One of Manama’s most unique houses, Khalaf House exemplifies the city’s strong ties to the history of pearls and trade. The building was donated by the Khalaf family to be a cultural landmark, honoring the significant role of pearling merchants in the history of Bahrain.

Bab Al Bahrain

The Gate of Bahrain is located at the entrance to the Manama Suq in Bahrain’s capital city Manama. Built in 1949, it once housed the government’s administrative offices and overlooked the sea. Behind Bab Al Bahrain is the old Manama Suq. The suq is a vibrant collection of shops offering a wide range of goods from textiles, spices, incense, perfumes, handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as more modern products from all over the world. The suq offers a unique shopping experience that brings to mind the style of commerce from days long past. The Manama Suq is a must visit while in Bahrain that visitors will be sure to enjoy.


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