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An excellent introduction to Bahrain, this trip combines modernity with history, creating an absorbing 4-hour private tour revealing the heart of this beautiful island. This tour is an all in one experience giving you a taste of art, culture, tradition, history and the new.

(Morning / Afternoon – except Friday)-Duration: 04 hours
Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Set against a backdrop of palm trees and the sea, the Grand Mosque strikes a beautiful picture. With its exquisite Bahraini architecture, crowned by the world’s largest fiberglass dome and blessed with tranquility reserved for the holiest of holy places, the Grand Mosque truly lives up to its name. Though non-Muslim visitors are welcome, it is important to dress modestly, cover your head (for women) and take your shoes off before entering.

Bahrain National Museum

One of the first museums in the Gulf, the Bahrain National Museum opened in 1988. The site itself, on the edge of the sea, is a tremendous attraction, adding to its contemporary ambience which is influenced by the white travertine façade and dramatic courtyard decorated with contemporary sculptures. It’s the place to learn Bahrain’s history, culture & traditions.

Photo Stop

A Short Walk in Bahrain Bay. Bahrain Bay’s vision has been to create a unique 21st century ultra-modern, advanced metropolis, designed to be a centre of excellence and practicality. The highlight of this walk would be a photo shooting opportunity of the Bahrain World Trade Center. An iconic landmark which is 240m (787ft) high and the twin tower complex located in Manama was built in 2008. It is the first skyscraper in the world to integrate wind turbines into its design.

Capital Mall

The Capital Mall showcasing the Bahraini handmade products represents a central meeting point in Bahrain to assist and support micro- enterprises relied on by the productive families. The Mall provides regular units and exhibitions for marketing.


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