If you are living in Bahrain, and searching for a MICE organiser, then Farhat Tours is the best option. We can provide a wide range of services for you.

The Gulf region sees contracts worth billions of US dollars signed annually. Many American and European corporates come down to countries Bahrain to sign deals. The Gulf region has seen an industrial boom over the last decade.

If you are planning to come down to the Gulf region in search of business, then you need a MICE firm. Business events and meetings are crucial for you signing deals. This is when you need Bahrain’s Best MICE Organiser, Farhat Tours.

We at Farhat Tours have been in the travel industry for many years. Moreover, we have been providing top-notch MICE services for several large corporations.

What is MICE, and why do corporations need it?

MICE as you know, stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. It forms a crucial part of tourism blended with business. You want your clients to feel comfortable, pampered, and taken care of.

This can immensely help you secure the deal. We take care of most of the crucial aspects of the package. Besides, the accommodation, travel plans, and events get planned well in advance. This is to ensure that no unwanted surprises occur.

The idea is to bring professionals together. Moreover, they can meet in a common place promote new ideas, and start new plans. It comes down to how well the event was planned and went off.

There is no doubt that MICE plays a vital role in the economy of the country as well. That is why, we understand the importance of providing high-quality MICE services to our clients. It can easily generate over 50% of a property’s revenue.

How Farhat Tours Can Help You?

Besides, MICE services, we also can provide you with the best Bahrain holiday tour package. This is keeping in mind that your family may also tag along with you. Your partner & kids may not been too pleased attending the events with you.

Instead, they would be happier shopping, playing at a water theme park or just about sightseeing. There are several things to do in Bahrain with your family. You can take part in the best Karting in Bahrain.

We also specialise in car rental and chauffeur service. You can get it on request. Instead of worrying about an unknown taxi service, you can make use of our reliable service. Our chauffeur service is one of the best in Bahrain.

They are well-trained and skilled. You can enjoy the drive to and fro from the Bahrain International Airport. Besides, you also may be interested in taking part in the LPOD WaterPark with special rates.

The LPOD is a waterpark that has some exciting water activities for families & kids. If you bring your kids along with you, then they can enjoy the water park. So, the next time, you want an affordable summer vacation package, then you may want to consider using the services of Farhat Tours.

You can either email or call us. We can provide you with some of the best packages for Bahrain. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. They will provide you with the best holiday package possible.




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