If you are in search of the leading destination management company in Bahrain, then Farhat Tours can help you. Our DMC services are unmatchable. 

The Gulf region, particularly Bahrain, is seeing a lot of developments. Many foreign companies, businesses, and firms, want to invest in the pearl of the Arabian desert. Besides, the country is one of the most welcoming states in the Gulf, and the ROI is pretty good. 

If you want to invest in Bahrain and are in search of a leading destination management company in Bahrain, then we have you covered. Farhat Tours has been in operation for many years now. 

We can assure you that, we provide some of the best DMC services in the Gulf region.  Moreover, we specialize in Farhat Tours services Hotels, Transfers, Tours, Visa Assistance, Chauffeur, MICE, Weddings, Groups, FIT.

What is a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

So, what is a DMC, and why does your business or firm need one? When you want to invest in a country, you first have to visit the place, find out more about the market, etc. So, your marketing team has to do the homework. 

However, the travel agencies, or firms that provide DMC services like Farhat Tours, are locally based. That means we have extensive knowledge about the country or destination beforehand. Not to mention, it comes in handy for for-profit tourism businesses who want to impress clients or come down for a productive meeting. 

We can help arrange for travel, and accommodation, and provide event venues for affordable rates. Moreover, as a business or manager, you can concentrate on your meetings, conferences, and events, without having to worry about anything. 

It is not surprising to note, that several foreign companies based in Europe & the American continent, want to work with a DMC to start things in the Gulf region. Farhat Tours can help you, with your meeting or event to be scheduled effortlessly.

What is the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority (BTEA)

The BTEA is held every year through the Arabian Travel Market (ATM). This enables the foreign market to get to know the Arabian market well enough. So, the Arabian peninsula is improving & developing gradually. 


Through the Arabian Travel Market 2024, global traders can come down and meet at a specific spot. They can talk to each other, negotiate and conduct business. Hence, this exhibition event provides businesses with the perfect environment to market their wares. 

Besides, interactive displays, seminars, and sessions are also held. It helps the businesses to get to know each other. The ATM gives the Middle East sector plenty of investments. It does that, by providing the right kind of environment for conducting a smooth business. 

Most importantly, businesses worth millions of dollars have been signed and updated each year because of the ATM event. 

How to be Part of It?

You can be part of the ATM Dubai 2024. You can meet us Farhat Tours at Bahrain Booth ME0520. The event is scheduled from the 6th–9th May. If you have any queries or doubts, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also email your requirements and will get back as soon as possible. 


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