Bahrain is popular for several things like its food, culture, architectural buildings, and others. However, the country is also known for its Bahrain International Circuit which was inaugurated a few years ago.

The speciality of the F1 track is that it can handle day/night races due to the floodlights. Similar to the one found in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, the racetrack is brighter than the sunlight when lit up.

Formula One is an exciting race that consists of 22 cars as of now, competing for first place. The race sees these F1 cars moving at more than 300kmph, and is something that should be watched live, to get the real thrill and excitement, than seeing it on television.

If you have desired to watch a day/night F1 race, then this is your chance by booking a Formula One ticket for the Bahrain race. Every year, an F1 race is held in Bahrain, where millions of fans throng to get a glimpse of their favorite F1 driver.

What are Formula 1 grand prix packages?

The formula 1 Bahrain grand prix packages can provide you with excitement under the lights, with a capacity of 30,000 fans. You will be amazed to know that the track experience is fantastic. In the Sakhir racetrack, five grandstands are present there.

Your package includes Formula 1 tickets, all transfers, and flights. Moreover, you can even take your time to discover the beauty of Bahrain. Please do note that all the formula one travel packages include complimentary transportation to & from the airport as well.

Besides, you spend up to 4 nights in Bahrain and also experience Formula 1 packages that can be customized. Depending on the travel agency that you choose, you can get other freebies for booking Formula 1 tickets to Bahrain.

There is a stunning nightlife experience in Bahrain. Besides, you can also visit architectural structures and other amazing restaurants. Farhat Tours can provide you with the best DMC in Bahrain services.

What about F1 ticket offers?

The F1 tickets offers depend on the kind of rate that you choose the tickets. The F1 tickets have several rates, depending on where you want to sit in the grandstands. Though the capacity is low, the seating arrangement is done likewise.

When you want to get a better view of the Formula One race, then you may want to take the premium seats. However, you can get to choose the traditional seats as well. But at the end of the day, you will have fun, and enjoy the race at the F1 circuit.

Moreover, it is a day/night race, which makes it even more fun. Then there is also the nightlife after the race in the F1 circuit itself. Why not book your formula 1 Bahrain grand prix 2024 tickets through us, Farhat Tours?

We can provide you with everything that you require to make your F1 experience memorable. Please give us a call today, to find out more about how we can help you.




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