Are wondering how to book your Eid holiday packages in Bahrain, this year? Then Farhat Tours can help you as we offer a wide range of holiday tour packages.

Bahrain is a captivating island nation in the Persian Gulf. There is a fusion of rich history and modern charm. Not to mention, it boasts an enchanting blend of ancient archaeological wonders. 

They include the Bahrain Fort, including the soaring skyscrapers of Manama. Besides, you can take a stroll around the souks, dip in the clean waters of the Arabian Gulf, and taste some of the delicacies of Bahraini cuisine. It is a treasure trove of culture, natural beauty, and immense culture as well. 

Moreover, the country can offer an inviting nostalgic experience that can cater to all tastes. 

What Do the Best Holiday Tour Packages in Bahrain Look Like?

The Eid holiday packages in Bahrain happen during the long weekend break of 3-4 days. Eid as you may know is a popular Muslim celebration throughout the Gulf region. The tour package would consist of your arrival in Bahrain. 

Besides, you will be picked up by the chauffeur services offered by us, Farhat Tours. There is no need to worry about the pickup & drop facilities at the international airport in Bahrain. It is included in your tour package. 

Once you have checked in a hotel of your choice & settled down, you can decide where you want to go sightseeing. The country beckons you with a myriad of attractions. There are several ancient archaeological sites that you can choose from. 

Besides, you can also select to visit the bustling markets and do some shopping if you want. Moreover, there are pristine beaches to walk around with your family. On the second day, you can decide to visit some of the historical places in Bahrain. 

Manama, which is the capital, has some amazing places to understand more about the nation’s rich history. Perhaps, you may consider visiting the Bahrain Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Then, you can spend some time at the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, and the Bahrain World Trade Center. 

These two are the architectural marvels of the country. 

What else is in store for you?

On the third day, you can visit Jarada Island or Al Dar Island. You can relax by the pool, or explore the local markets. Perhaps, if your family is with you, then you can leave the womenfolk in the shopping. 

A whole day may not be sufficient for them. The Jarada Island has pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Likewise, Al Dar Island is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. There are tons of activities like snorkeling, jet-skiing, and more. 

Finally, on the last day, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel. You can take your own time and have some of the best delicacies in Bahrain. Remember, you have come here to celebrate Ramadan in Bahrain, so be sure to request for the season’s cuisines. 

The above is a small itinerary of your tour package for this year’s Eid festival in Bahrain. If you are keen on celebrating or partaking in one of the most exciting festivals in the world, then come down. 


Why not book Bahrain holiday tour packages online today? 


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