Government is an official system that forms the basis of a state administration, starting from the smallest order to the highest order that is usually enforced in a capital city. the majority of countries today run a modern system of government that usually started in the post-Christian era.

However, far in the past, it seems that several governments existed and even left extraordinary historical traces. These are the five oldest governments in the world that you should know, what are they? Come on, listen!

1. Roman rule

There is a legend that intersects with the mythology of the people of Rome since ancient times. Reported by History, according to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus. That said, both of them are twin sons of Mars, the god of war believed in ancient Roman culture. According to legend, both of them were great figures who had been cared for and raised by a she-wolf.

The Roman government system was originally led by a king or rex (in Latin). Romulus became the first king of Rome and the kings after him were elected by election by the senate. The royal system (monarchy) in Rome ended in 509 BC, where the 7th king named Lucius Tarquinus Superbus was overthrown because he was considered a cruel and tyrannical king.

After the overthrow of King Lucius, the Roman government system then changed to a republic. This system is taken from the word res publica which means people’s property. It was during this republican era that Rome became a powerful and respected nation. In fact, the Roman military was touted as the strongest military in the world at its time.

Having changed its government system back to empire, Rome remained a powerful state until the peak of its glory when Rome was ruled by the Papal system in the 1st century AD. In the 8th century, Rome (hereinafter referred to as Rome) was made the capital of the Papal States. Then, in 1871, Rome officially became the capital of Italy until now.

2. Chinese government

Historians believe that ancient Chinese government actually existed thousands of years before Christ. However, the only officially recorded historical period dates back to 1,600 BC during the reign of the Shang Dynasty, written in China Highlights. And according to a book I’ve read that the Chinese/Chinese nation is a nation that has been continuous since 5000 BC until now.

Long before the Shang Dynasty era, there were dynastic powers ruled by emperors named Yu, Qi, Tai Kang, Zhong Kang, and so on. This era, which is considered to be the era of early China, is called the reign of the Xia dynasty. The Xia dynasty existed around 2,000 BC or 4,000 years ago.

Today, China’s monarchy and empire no longer exist and are replaced by a republican system of government under the name of the People’s Republic of China. The state and government are headed by a president and prime minister, of which Beijing is designated as the capital. There are lots of references that contradict this.

3. Government of Egypt

You could say that Egypt is one of the oldest sovereign states because it has existed since 8,000 years BC, written on the Ancient page. Ancient Egyptian culture was also one of the cultures that were considered advanced and glorious in ancient times. One proof of the glory of Egyptian civilization in the past is magnificent buildings such as pyramids, sphinxes, tombs of kings, palaces, and so on.

Although it has existed since 10 thousand years ago, ancient Egyptian government only existed since 3150 BC. The first dynasty that ruled Egypt was King Manes or Narmer, where he succeeded in uniting the small kingdoms that existed in various parts of Egypt. After that, Egypt grew stronger under the control of pharaohs (kings) who ruled for thousands of years.

Pharaoh Manes was succeeded by Hor-Aha, a king who ruled Egypt in the 31st century BC and is considered the founder of a dynasty of pharaohs. Under the control and rule of the pharaohs, Egypt grew into a prosperous and powerful country. In fact, stories about Egyptian kings are still often told today.

4. Rule of Mesopotamia

According to modern mapping and studies, the area of ​​ancient Mesopotamia included the Euphrates, Tigris, Syria, Iraq, and the waterways of the Armenian plateau. In his time, Mesopotamia was a large and prosperous country with all its great civilizations, including Babylon. Scientific evidence can be obtained through artifacts, ancient literature, historical relics, and also records in the scriptures.
According to the History page, there is a surprising fact that the existence of Mesopotamian humans has existed since the Paleolithic era. If this is true, then Mesopotamia dates back 16 thousand years. Around 9,000 BC, the people of ancient Mesopotamia had formed farming communities and developed the domestication of animals as pets to help them hunt and keep livestock.

For the system of government in Mesopotamia it is estimated that it only existed since 3200 BC. The first city to be regulated under a formal system of government was the City of Uruk, a small town built with stone and mud. At its peak, Uruk had a population of 50,000.

According to historical literature, King Sargon was the first king to rule over the ancient Mesopotamian Empire, where he also succeeded in uniting Mesopotamia and Sumer into one unified kingdom. The reign of Sargon the Great dates back to the 2300s BC and is known as the Akkadian Empire because its seat of government was in the City of Akkad, an influential city in Mesopotamia.

5. Greek government

Humans have lived in Greece since 40 thousand years ago and this is a strong indication that Greece is a country with the oldest civilization and government system that has ever existed. The Ancient Greece page writes that the early days of ancient Greek rule began in the Neolithic period to the beginning of the Bronze Age, which was 5,000 years before Christ or around 7,000 years ago.

However, at that time Greece was still divided into several states. There are several names of kings who led Greece in ancient times, namely Periphas, Ogyges, and Actaeus. Then there are big names who also ruled in Greece, such as Alexander the Great, Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Leonidas of Sparta.

Not only that, the stories of Greek mythology are also very famous and are still often told today. Call it the story of the Olympian gods and goddesses like Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, Ares, Apollo, Athena, and so on. Not to mention the ancient philosophers and scientists who had brought the big names of Greece in their time, of course, making Greece one of the most famous civilizations in European lands.

Those are some of the oldest governments that have existed since thousands of years before Christ. Apparently, they have created a great history and civilization in their time. Hopefully this article can enrich your knowledge, yes!


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