Land Rover Experience Bahrain’s off-road course located in the heart of the Sakhir desert, this off- road course covers 3.5 kilometers of varying terrains such as sand, rock, hill and water landscapes.

There are 32 natural and man-made obstacles allowing guests to traverse terrain including slide slopes, humps, rocks, gravel roads and watercourses, all the while assessing the driving environment, maximizing the capability and technology of the vehicle and most importantly developing driving skills in the world’s most capable luxury vehicles.

The Experience Drives are unique and tailored to all guests, no matter what their skill level. Visitors can choose between two experiences:

  • Passenger Experience: in a Land Rover vehicle, while one of BIC’s expert Land Rover lead instructors drive the course
  • Driver Experience: with the second being an opportunity to get behind the wheel to take on the facility’s many challenges head on, guided by a qualified Land Rover Experience instructor.


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