A top destination management company helps successfully bring a niche part of the local travel and hospitality industry that brings delightful experiences for international travellers. In Bahrain, travel and tourism has flourished on account of the rising popularity of destination. Now, the continued well synchronized experience offered by the destination management company helps build professional and outstanding relationships with not just the local suppliers and vendors but also the corporate companies it serves. This positive experience helps to bring in more trade and builds business opportunities.

What is a destination management company?
Easiest way to plan and execute outstanding events outside your city or country is with a destination management company. DMCs are an expert of their own local region and helps to arrange all the requirements locally to have successful events or holidays. They are associated with all local vendors that provide professional services like to and fro airport transfers, comfortable stays in Hotel, Resorts or Apartments, food and beverages, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions) events, guided sightseeing, unique activities and many more.

Why are they so popular?
✓ They make sure everything falls in place.

✓ They offer attractive prices and manage well under a tight budget.

✓ Seamlessly coordinate with your event management company

✓ Logistics, suppliers, accounting and program design everything under one roof.

Not all DMCs are created with equal goals. Some believe in a long term flourishing relationship while some others look for generating a chance to serve as many as they can. If you are thinking how a destination management company empowers the local economy, here are the seven ways how they are doing it:

  • Empowering the local car drivers with customers for car rentals and airport transfers

Creating thousands of local livelihood opportunities for car drivers is one of the most important turnkeys of achieving sustainable and profitable local community development. A destination management company that handles multiple projects at the same time which generates lots of opportunities for local businesses and freelancers to contribute towards a fair share of trade.

  • Partnering with local events companies for professional MICE events

If your company already has hired event planners or you are looking for one, then professional MICE events  (Meetings , Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions) are a bridged with a destination management company. Right from employing the right set of people to planning, procuring and executing for the events is taken care by the event management company. The destination management company keeps a close eye on the security, accounting and accurate budgeting of the event. This ensures that all the people are getting the correct information and paid well for their work.

  • Helping local travel guides to provide best sightseeing experiences

A history curator or senior young citizens can easily bring value to enrich the experience of visitors, travellers and tourists alike. Travel guides being knowledgeable about the local surroundings, add the much needed information to increase the importance of guided sightseeing. Having multiple trained travel guides to endorse local restaurants, food and other travel options thus generates even more opportunities for others bringing a chain reaction.

  • Helping local hotels & restaurants deliver authentic local experiences

Putting local cultural themed hotels serving authentic local food is one of the crucial elements of keeping the local traditions alive. Not just so, it is a rich source of experience for the onlookers, visitors and locals alike. Being proud of who we are and keeping the light of tradition alive by speaking native language and consuming local food is a matter of interest for all the travel enthusiasts. A DMC makes sure to empower these by referring their clients to local hotels and restaurants.

  • Making local go global with world travel awards

Once a hotel, car company or travel guide company becomes a hit, it is well received on a lot of platforms nowadays. And it is all thanks to the global review systems and travel bloggers. Many times, a place goes viral like a video just because of the visitors’ recent reviews. This helps them enter world travel awards and many more such prestigious recognitions.

  • Creating memorable experiences for people visiting local destinations

The way you interact, music, food, art, dance and more contributes towards the unmatched local experience people are craving for. Also, the richer the culture the better the experience you can offer. Let people immerse themselves into your local culture and make memories. This will invite new guests,everytime, a traveller shares their experience with others.

  • Exhibiting local culture efficiently to diversified groups of people

When people from all over the world come together, they bring their own culture, values and traditions to enrich the place. Under the influence of different cultures, making your local culture stand out is crucial. A destination management company makes sure to hire local people not just for economical reasons but also to give the world a taste of the place.

People remember places for their peculiarities and a destination management company exposes you to the best of the things a place has to offer. Get a Bahrain culture tour now with one of the leading Bahraini DMCs – Farhat Tours and experience Bahrain like never before.


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